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Linked In Question – – What Podcasts are you listening to?


I asked a question last week on internet social networking site LinkedIn and we have received about 10 replies so far.

My question was what podcasts do you listen to and have you listened to The Ten Golden Rules Podcast yet?

“Questions” on Linked In is a really great tool that allow you to tap into your network and their expertise, here are the first replies we received:

– Susan Geraeds wrote: For search engine marketing and optimization I recommend the Daily Search Cast, hosted by search engine expert Danny Sullivan,
– John Flight wrote: I listen to This Week in Tech, with Leo Laporte religiously, every week.
– Bill McGrath wrote, Hey Jay, I’ve heard of your podcast and I’m about to give it a test run. I also subscribe to Six Pixels of Separation, Across the Sound, Inside PR, For Immediate Release, Managing the Gray, The Hook and a few others which I don’t listen to as religiously. We’re about to embark on our first Podcast as well and would love to chat with you from time to time concerning your experience.
NOTE – Bill check out Episode #56 of Six Pixels of Separation, Mitch did 6 points for starting a Podcast, it was a big help to me!
– Jean-Paul Desmarais wrote: I’m a passionate listener of Manager Tools. Outstanding, usable advice on being a manager of people.
– Thomas Parrott wrote: I listen to TWIT, Buzz Out Loud, Cranky Geeks and Adam Curry DSC. I also listen to Russell Brand (BBC2). I have added your podcast to my list and will take a listen.
Alex Harris wrote:
Diggnation, business 2.0, Adam Curry, NY Times Video, Future Now Inc.
Dan Scott, Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Kay, Inc., Good for you Jay! Way to embrace podcasts.
Jason Knappel a former co-worker from eDiets… I listened to my debut (Ten GOlden Rules)podcast this morning. It was packed with information. Good job. I’ll continue listening.