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LinkedIn Adds New Profile Sections

October 21, 2010

LinkedIn is now offering even more ways to enhance your professional online profile. This week, the business-oriented social networking site launched 5 new profile sections allowing its 80 million users to add even more robust content to their profiles. Here’s the basic rundown:

1. Publications: This one is especially useful to my writer friends. Now you can provide links to your published works as part of your profile.
2. Skills: Have a skill writing code in any number of languages? Know your way around a Windows Server? Are you the world’s most talented juggler? List it here.
3. Languages: In the melting pot of South Florida, this one is a big advantage. Tell the world you speak another language… or several.
4. Certifications: MSCE? CPA? CFP? CCNA? MFC? DTR? List all those handy certs on your profile and feel good about that re-certification course you just aced. (and, yes, those are all REAL certifications. Look ’em up!)
5. Patents: List your pending and granted patents here.

What’s the marketing angle? Well, if I’m trying to reach individuals with a particular skill set, language or certification, LinkedIn can serve up a more targeting advertising module for my marketing plan. Isn’t this the social network where people are actually trying to do business together, after all?