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List Of Ways To Have Your Employees Help You Build Links

March 29, 2010

We all know the importance of link building, and here are some natural ways to gain valuable links from the people you work with on a daily basis. These are probably some of the easiest ways to gain natural links and help improve your search results.

Personal Blogs
Many employees often have their own blog that is not work related. Encourage them to add a post about the company they work for and link to the site. Also, have them mention it on their personal social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Other Blogs
Are your employees able to be a guest blogger on other industry blogs? Can they post about specific topics they are great at? Doing so could offer a link back to your website since they authored the article.

Employee Networks
Are you employee’s members of an organization such as the local chamber, American Marketing Association? Do they have a website listing members with contact and website information that can link to the employees company? If so, ask them to link to your website which can help drive business to your site.

Available Web Opportunities
As your employees surf the web, ask them to search for available linking opportunities. What other sites are they on that can link to your site? Turn surfing the web into something positive for your business.

Do you have an employee that can create great linkbait? What is something unique that will have others wanting to link to your website? Employees have a lot of great ideas that can help increase natural links.

Events/ Seminars
When an employee has been selected to participate in an event there is often a website that offers more information about that event. Ask the organization for a link on their page back to your website.

Encourage employees to become part of a forum where they can chat. As they are reading articles to learn more, have them participate and leave links pointing back to your website.

Use Old Content
Do you have offline articles that are just lying around? Have an employee make these electronic and post them on article syndication websites.

Social Media
Research Digg, StumbleUpon and others to determine how best you can use these social networks to potentially make something go viral and build up links naturally to your website.