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Live Blogging from the Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Bootcamp


In conjunction with the American Marketing Association South Florida branch, Ten Golden Rules is conducting an Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Fort Lauderdale.

I’ve just finished giving my presentation on Pay Per Click Marketing: Winning Creative and Conversion Strategies. The audience was very receptive and asked great questions afterwards. I’m looking forward to hearing about their experiences using the tips I talked about.

Kathryn gave a presentation on how to succeed in organic search earlier today, and she did a great job dissecting what is an extraordinarily complicated subject.

Right now, Jay is presenting about Web 2.0 – focusing on sites like MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. He’s going to show some of the work we’ve done in Second Life for our client, Annie’s Costumes. He also recorded a question and answer session over lunch – for our podcast – and is recording his current presentation on Web 2.0, too.

Top take away from today for me? Sometimes the best ideas come from those who you are trying to teach something to. A great day for me. Wish you could have been there. 🙂