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LiveBlogging! Google Presentation at Search Engine Strategies

June 18, 2007

The best presentation of the morning so far was from Sarah Carberry, Google’s Multicultural Development Manager in the New York office.

Sarah suggested using Google Trends to track keyword searches over time, and best of all searches by region are available, here is a sample of some hotel brands searched in Google Trends:

Another valuable suggestion was to think about search related to the cycle of a purchase, first step is Awareness, then Interest, followed by Consideration then Intent. At early stages people are searching on the search engines, then they are ‘looking for truths’ videos, other consumer reviews, blog posts etc.

Sarah showed research from Wish-Bone’s participation in Martha Stewart’s Apprentice tv show, searches went up 935% following the tv appearance.

She suggested setting up your Adwords campaign in English and Spanish if you are targeting the Hispanic audience.