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Local Search Tip – Mentioning Local Landmarks

April 19, 2010

Local business listings in search engines are a great way to be found online, especially if you are a local business owner. Aside from setting up a Google Local Business Center account (which you should absolutely do if you have a physical business location), there are some on page factors that will help you move up the local business rankings.

It is very important to include geographic modifiers in the content of your website, paired with your targeted keywords. For example, if you sell widgets in Boca Raton, FL, then you should have a phrase like “widgets in Boca Raton, FL” somewhere on your website. This will have a big effect on the position your local business listing shows up on a search engine result page.

A lesser known tip, however, is to talk about local landmarks on your website. Google and the other search engines are very good at determining location based on the landmarks surrounding that area. For this reason, mentioning local landmarks will give the search engines a better clue of where your business is located. So if you have a business in Miami, you will not only want to mention Miami on your website, but also mention landmarks like Landshark Stadium, South Beach, or American Airlines Arena.

Mentioning local landmarks on your website is a subtle tactic, but can have a strong effect in your local business listings by reinforcing your location to the search engines.