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Marketing on Facebook: Creating Killer Facebook PPC Ads

March 5, 2010

Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks for Making Your Ads the Best They Can Be
When it comes to marketing on Facebook with Facebook Pay Per Click advertising, even though the platform is still relatively new, we’ve developed some best practices that make the difference between campaigns that sink or soar. Here are a few “unique to Facebook” best practicesFacebook marketing tips.
facebook-ad-example-1A picture is worth a 1,000 clicks. The image is the first thing a Facebook user sees, so it’s one of the most important components in your ad. And at only 110 X 80 pixels, it can be hard to choose an image that stands out. Images with bright, bold colors and a clear single focal point work well at such a small size. Also make sure that the dominant colors are not blue and white or the image will blend too much with Facebook’s color scheme. If you think your image needs a little extra boost to stand out on Facebook, you can also add a brightly colored border. In our testing, red or orange works very well.
facebook-ad-example-2Another Facebook marketing tip: When it comes to copy, you need to know your audience and speak directly to them. Make sure that your copy is benefits-focused and contains a clear call to action so that consumers can see the immediate gain in clicking. For example, “Get your free marketing tips now,” is a lot more urgent than “Marketing tips available for small businesses.” We’ve also found that ads with the company name mentioned in them perform better. And now that you only have 90 characters for the body copy, speaking succinctly has never been more important. We even find that intentionally brief ads sometimes perform better, so test a few different variations with around 40 or 70 characters.
facebook-ad-example-3When it comes to features, one of the most important ones is targeting. Targeting options are seemingly unlimited (and they keep changing), so you need to learn the ropes and stay up to date. But, the feature we recommend you turn on allows your ads to “show social activity” even though the ad itself goes to an external link. This means your ad will carry extra text showing any friend activity of the person viewing it. An example is below from USA. We find this “passive word of mouth” really boosts the ads performance.
Knowing a little more about Facebook’s PPC ads will give you the marketing edge over your on the competition on Facebook that you need to have a successful campaign.