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Marketing to Women Presentation

January 19, 2007

Yesterday at the Florida Direct Marketing Association (FDMA) event “Marketing to Women: Reeling in Your Most Discerning & Influential Customers,” I had the opportunity to hear two great speakers, Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO of WECAI (Women’s Ecommerce Association International) and Megan Connolly of Medelia Communications, a south Florida agency specializing in marketing to women, present on the ins and outs of marketing to women.

Here is a list of the top ten things to keep in mind when marketing to women:

  1. One size does not fit all – Women are different than men and different from other women.
  2. Be aware – Know what women want to deliver the best marketing message, know her priorities, preferences, and communication style.
  3. The marketing message should meet the sales experience – If you’re advertising that your company is “in tune” with women, then your sales force or customer service team needs to be trained on how to interact with women.
  4. Give her something to talk about – When women are pleased with your products or services they talk about them to others and provide your company with the best viral marketing – word of mouth.
  5. Build a relationship through trust and nurture that relationship – Women are relationship people, be authentic, be committed, and follow up.
  6. Details matter to women – Women generally want to know everything about a product or service before they buy it – not only how it works and what it costs, but also what kind of support can be expected and how long it will last.
  7. Provide Simple Solutions & Convenience.
  8. Enlist women as marketing partners – Women know women, make them part of your marketing team.
  9. Support a cause – Find something that you or your company is passionate about or survey your clients to find out what they are passionate about.
  10. And lastly LISTEN! – Women know what they want and are very willing to tell you, survey your clients to find solutions to fit their needs.

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