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MarketingSherpa’s Viral Marketing Hall of Fame 2007 Winners Announced!

May 1, 2007

Last week MarketingSherpa announced the Top 10 Efforts & Results Data to Inspire You from the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame 2007.

Here are the 5 prevailing ideas from the contest:

-> Organizations should take notice that viral isn’t just for commercial marketers. Use Web 2.0 in communities that make sense for whoever’s interest you represent.

-> B-to-B viral is gaining steam. This year, we have a winner who used a fun video (check it out, Space Invaders fans) and another that employed a crafty online contest.

-> As was the case in 2006, we saw marketers thrive despite shoestring viral budgets. Of course, these campaigns are often created by tiny in-house teams.

-> Track your results as specifically as possible. One of this year’s winners turned in video numbers from dozens of community sites. His results are already fabulous. But with that kind of tracking, we cannot wait to see what he turns in next year — because the more you hone in on what works to achieve your goals, the better you will get at lassoing viral audiences by the clusters.

-> Blogs and message boards still appear to be the seeding source of choice. With that said, don’t forget about optimizing press releases. Plant optimized keywords in your headline, opening paragraph and hotlink wording!

Want more? Check out the details of these ideas here.

The entrants came from a variety of markets and niches both B-to-B and B-to-C. They received over 100 entries and picked the 10 most impressive and here they are:

1. Sunflower Market
2. NetQoS Netcosm
3. Farm Aid
4. The Gobbledygook Manifesto
5. Levi Strauss Hong Kong
7. Six Degrees/Network for Good
8. Beacon Street Girls
9. Exeros Inc.
10. Fox’s ‘American Dad’ DVD

View campaign details of the winners.