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Meet the Ten Golden Rules Team – “Simpsons Style”

August 1, 2007

You’ve read our blog posts. You’ve heard us give our opinions and updates on the podcast. Now, here is your chance to SEE us. Well, see the Simpsons version of us anyway.

Today, we visited the website and created Simpsons versions of each of our team. The website is provided by Burger King as a co-marketing effort with the new Simpsons movie – and features the ability to upload your photo and watch it magically transform into a Simpsons character – all within a few minutes.

We recommend visiting the site and having some fun. It really does interpret your photo into a character (as a basis) and then you can make whatever changes you want. End result is a new alter ego to add to your stash, which you can download to use as a buddy icon, avatar, etc. Of course, the site is equipped with the viral marketing ability to send your new cartoon self to all your friends.

We’re pretty happy with the results. But, by all means, let us know what you think.