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Mobile Technology: A Glimpse at the Future

December 11, 2009

I’ve come to realize this past week – cell phone shopping has really become difficult [at least in my opinion]. There are so many choices now from the “Droid Does” to “There’s An App for That!” Where do I begin? It is amazing just how far along cell phone technology has come.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, revealed this week the highly anticipated “Square.” What’s that you ask? CNN has provided the following information, “Square, a tiny cube about an inch in length, contains a magnetic strip reader that allows users to swipe and read credit cards, then deduct payment on or offline through a downloaded application that communicates with card issuers in the same way as retailer devices. Customers then use their finger on the phone’s touch-recognition screen to sign their name to the transaction.” Shopping will soon become even more convenient with the Square, which will allow us to integrate more activities into our busy schedules.

Mobile technology is not just advancing from a technical standpoint but also social. I’m sure you’ve noticed every other commercial on the television seems to be for a new cell phone with or some other type of integration. Now we are all set – we can watch videos on demand, tweet and post to our walls all from the palm of our hands. We are less and less restricted to our desktop and laptop computers.

In conclusion, the mobile space is continuously growing and has an endless future for advancement. The Square is giving us the opportunity to be on the go that much faster with a rapid payment method; while integrated social features allow us to always be connected to our friends and family. So, at the end of the day with so many options – I am still undecided on my cell phone upgrade.