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More Than Memes: Elevating Your Law Firm’s Presence Online

Olivia Bibbee

Contrary to what many firms would like to believe, a law firm’s presence on social media isn’t just about racking up “likes.” It’s a powerful tool for establishing authority and trust within your market.

Dyamond, our in-house Social Media Manager, offers insights on using social media as a trust-building tool in addition to a sales funnel.



Simply put, storybranding is crafting the narrative of your brand. What do you stand for? Are you the trusted attorney in your city? Are you the family firm that has always been there in the community? Do you fight the insurance company for the biggest check?

Effective social media engagement starts with consistent branding—spanning the visuals, tone, and voice of your content. Once you chart your course, remain steadfast. Consistency in branding is a crucial step in earning your audience’s trust.


Building Authority 

In the digital world, trust is your biggest asset. Cultivate it by showcasing client success, sharing testimonials, and spotlighting case studies. As you elevate brand awareness and cement your law firm’s standing in the community, trust will naturally follow.


Building Community 

Participating in social media doesn’t necessarily mean doing silly dances or making memes of cats practicing law (unless that’s authentic to your brand).

What truly resonates is content that aligns with your brand’s essence. For law firms, content revealing the human side of the business is what truly connects. After all, people trust other people, not companies.

Showcase your firm’s activity in community events, what charities do you support, does your office attend an annual 5 K run or a charity bowling event? Get those pictures up on your social to show you are active participants in the community, and build likes and trust.


Get the “Check Mark”

Many of your prospective customers are active in one, or more, social media channels. If they are Facebook moms or Twitter dudes they will often check out your page just to see what you are all about. So, social media may not be the biggest driver of leads and new cases, but it can be an important contributor to conversion when prospective customers “check you out” online to make sure you have a presence in their social channel of choice.


Consistency Over Virality 

It’s true that you may end up getting great leads from your efforts on social media, but that shouldn’t be your main motivation behind generating an online presence, and certainly not something to count on. An online presence isn’t just about immediate returns – it’s a platform to demonstrate why people can and should trust your firm.

We get results by developing a Monthly Social Media calendar and sticking to a plan of regular emails, social media posts, webinars and podcasts. With a plan – it all gets done!


Ultimately, if you’re realistic with your expectations and consistent with your strategy, you’ll uncover benefits beyond just leads.

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