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Multiply Your Content In Half The Time

May 6, 2011

With the recent changes google has made to the way it conducts its website popularity contest, adaptingis important. Online businesses have to make sure that the information and services they offer comply, are fresh, and relevant to their site, in turn producing traffic. All the while they have to stay complient with Google’s rules and content requirements.

The problem is that it becomes difficult to come up with all the differesnt types of copywrite. Between sending out e-mail newsletters, posting articles, and optimizing page text, it gets a little taxing. Fortunately if you geta little creative with your methods you can kill two birds with one stone in half the time.

An article over at Search Engine Journal explains how you can take your email newsletters and offers, and adapt them to site content. By applying this content to your site, with a good navigating system for users, you can optimize for SEO with always fresh content. You can create a whole back log of information with fresh and relevant content that will help you move upwards with organic search.