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MySpace Politics

April 25, 2007

When I speak of Politics, I mean the ruling Government of these United States of America. Mark Burnett, who some call the genius behind many of the Reality Shows on Television (I am not one of them), has partnered with MySpace on an interactive Internet/TV series, to find America’s “Next Great Politician” on a show to be called “Independent” Yes you read that right, amongst the unsigned rock groups and Pedophiles there may also be the next Mayor of Springfield (Vote Quimby!), a City Councilman, or even a Congressman.
The idea is simple, every week people advise the candidates on which national issues to tackle during their campaign and then vote according to responses. The winner receives $1 million dollars to either donate to a political cause or to their own future political campaign. Not sure if he has tossed his proverbial hat into the ring, but this guy certainly has my vote. I like his views on animal rights.