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Nationwide’s NOT On Your Side

Olivia Bibbee

Despite the legal industry’s best efforts, most prospective clients don’t know they need representation.

Insurance companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to convince their clients to call them after an accident.

“We’re on your side”

“We’re a good neighbor”

“You’re in Good hands”

At Ten Golden Rules, we assist our law firm clients in positioning themselves as the answer once clients figure out the insurance company is not going to have their best interests at heart.

We work with our attorney clients to develop videos, blogs, and social media content that communicates why most people would benefit from having an attorney on their side. We also help our clients build their online reputation with positive reviews and successful digital visibility. 

One of our core strategies in answering questions in legal marketing to position our clients’ websites as the answer to common legal questions. For example:

“What do I do if the insurance company wants me to give a deposition?”

“How quickly should my insurance company give me money for car repairs?”

“What can I do if I was injured in a car accident that wasn’t my fault and I can’t go to work?”

We ‘search engine optimize’ (SEO) our clients’ answers to these questions to put them in front of clients who are frustrated with the insurance companies.

When we successfully SEO a question and an answer we are able to get on the first page of Google for the new People Also Ask section. Here is a result for our client Bryan Garrett for the question “is it worth suing after a car accident?”.

We recognize that insurance companies aren’t on the side of the consumer – law firms are. And law firms need a digital agency that’s on their side as well to help position you for these cases. 

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