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New AdWords UI a Hit

April 27, 2009

The release of the new user interface for Google AdWords is in most areas a large improvement from the previous interface. The question is, how easy will it be for AdWords users to transition to the new interface? Well, if you use AdWords Editor, the transition will be virtually seamless. The new interface is structured almost identically to AdWords Editor and gives more features with less clicks than the previous interface.

Some of the key improvements include

  • Viewing all ad groups, ads, keywords, or placements at once – now you see all the keywords in your account without drilling through campaigns and ad groups, allowing you to quickly find that keyword that is driving up your overall conversion cost.
  • “See Search Terms” button replaces the need to run a search query report. You can use this on selected keywords or all keywords and it returns all of the phrases searched that resulted in clicks. With the results, you can easily add phrases or add negative keywords to your list simply by clicking the check box next to each phrase.

There are a number of other improvements expected as the new UI continues to mature. All in all, I give the new interface a thumbs up.