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New for 2013: Google Plus Hangouts On Air

December 21, 2012

There has been a lot of speculation this year about whether or not Google Plus (G+) will take off as an important social media channel or if it will be Google’s fourth social network failure. Despite a general lack of interest from the typical Internet user, online marketers are pretty enthusiastic about the possibilities of G+ and more and more companies and agencies are starting to take notice.  
One tool in particular that could make a huge difference for businesses is the Hangouts On Airfeature that is a part of the Google Plus platform. Similar to regular G+ Hangouts, Hangouts On Air have a host and up to 9 participants in a video chat room. The only difference is that Hangouts On Air allows you to broadcast the Hangout live to the public from your G+ account to your YouTube channel and record it. Check out this SlideShare presentation by Sue Reynolds for more on Google Plus Hangouts. One thing to keep in mind is which G+ account you are hosting from – your personal profile or a brand page?
Whatever your strategy, the possibilities for this tool are endless if you think about it. It’s essentially your own television station with no overhead costs! What ways can you think of to use Hangouts On Air in your business strategy for 2013?