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New Google Suggest Features to Speed up Searches

May 26, 2009

Google has just announced some new suggestion options they are including in their search in an attempt to speed up the time it takes searchers to find the website they are looking for.

The first new feature is suggestions based on the results page. After a search is done and results are displayed, if you start typing in your keywords for a new search, the suggestions will relate to the results on the current page. This is meant to assist searchers in refining their searches quickly.

Another new feature is personalized suggestions. If you are logged into your Google account, some of your suggestions will be based on past searches you have done. This is meant to help you recreate past searches that have been successful for you. There is also an option to remove any personalized suggestion from your search history.

Of course, Google has found a way to monetize on these new suggestion features by adding a sponsored links suggestion as well. Within the list of your suggestions will be an advertisement.