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New Ratings for Google Quality Scores

May 9, 2012

You may have missed this update due its subtleness, but Google has increased its transparency in Google AdWords Quality Scores.

Now advertisers can get feedback directly from Google on an expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. This feedback is provided as “average”, “above average”, or “below average”, in comparison to other advertisers.

By way of a status hover (speech bubble icon) over a specific keyword, you will now find this additional feedback to the right of the numeric quality score.

As an advertiser, it is critical that you evaluate and improve your Quality Scores. Not only will you save money in the end, but the visitor has a more positive user experience. This way, everyone is happy! The higher your Quality Score means that your keywords, ads, and landing pages are more tightly woven.

Your Quality Score will affect the following things in your account:

• Ad auction eligibility
• Your keyword’s actual cost-per-click
• Your keyword’s first page bid estimate
• Your keyword’s top of page bid estimate
• Ad position

How are you using this feature to improve your campaigns?

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Image credit: Images_of_Money