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New Search Engine Recommendation

March 20, 2007

From time to time, the Internet Marketing Consultant Blog offers views and recommendations of tools and sites, whether it be in regards to Search Engines, Web 2.0 or any other info that we at Ten Golden Rules find new and/or interesting. Its been in the news the last couple days, but I need to inform you of THE GREATEST SEARCH ENGINE EVER (according to my 13 yr old niece, she made me bold for effect) the Kevin Federline Search Engine. I know what you are thinking, who is Kevin Federline (exhusband of Britney Spears) and what does he know about Search Engine Optimization.

There is nothing new or cutting edge about the ranking for the search engine, Kevin and his entourage do not go out and personally look for cool and hip sites and rank pages based on what he likes, actually according to the How it Works, the results are based on Yahoo Search Results. What makes the site unique is that it gives away prizes and awards for using their engine, and not just any prizes, Kevin Federline prizes, just a couple hours ago, T. McPheeters in Illinois won an 8×10 autographed picture of KFed.

Kevin Federline isn’t the only “celebrity” to lend his name/image to searchwinmerch other branded search engines include Wynonna, Meatloaf, and Andrew Dice Clay. I am changing my homepage from Google to the Search with Dice, because what better reason is there to use a search engine than the chance you may get a phone call from “The Dice Man”, oh wait you could win an invite to Kevin Federline’s Birthday Party.