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New Twitter Account for Advertising


Twitter has officially debuted its advertising blog and @TwitterAds account. The profile description for this account is described as, “We Tweet for Brands.”

How Do You Use The New Blog and Twitter Account?

Both will be used to funnel the latest in Twitter’s advertising products. Furthermore, it will act as a means for Twitter to share case studies and best practices from brands that are successfully using Twitter for engagement.

From Twitter’s Advertising Blog:

Twitter’s first ad product, called Promoted Tweets, was introduced last year with six advertising partners. Since then we’ve added Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends, new analytics tools and additional targeting capabilities. We’ve also grown from that small handful of initial partners to more than 1,600 brands.

On average, marketers have seen a 3-5% engagement rate for Promoted Tweets in search.

So the infamous question: Is Twitter at Its End?

Eh, I wouldn’t say Twitter is dead just yet. I think it is more a matter of Twitter trying to figure out its purpose. It isn’t the shiny new toy for fellow Internet geeks anymore. Not only is it trying to figure out its true purpose, but also how to monetize “that” purpose.

Is Twitter dead to you? Leave your comments below.