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New Yahoo Search

October 4, 2007

This week, Yahoo announced the new Yahoo search, which is Yahoo’s answer for blended search results. Like Google Universal Search, Ask 3D and Microsoft Live Search, it merges images, videos, and more into one spot. Blended results are fed from Flickr, Upcoming, Yahoo Answers and YouTube.

Upon comparing the new Yahoo Search with its competitors, it showed that:

  • Multimedia results show in the main area, similar to Google and MSN.
  • Yahoo! Search Assist offers a superior set of example inquiries when compared to Google and MSN. And I especially like that Yahoo allows the user to choose whether or not it appears.
  • News results seem to be missing from the blended mix.

Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing feeds both Google and Yahoo’s video results, this makes a powerful player for SEOs looking to launch their clients into universal search.