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Newest Web App Grows to 10M Subscribers in 7 Hours 🤯

Olivia Bibbee

In the merciless battlefield of social media platforms, Instagram’s latest weapon, Threads, emerges as a force to be reckoned with.

The app, featuring text-based posts and conversations, allows users to engage in a more authentic way with their audience without the gloss and glamor of Instagram’s camera-first approach.

Its impressive thrust into the market, amassing 10 million users in the first 7 hours and 30 million in the first 24, leaves competitors like Twitter and TikTok in its dust. To share some perspective, Instagram took 15 months to gain 30 million users, and TikTok took around two years.

It’s clear that this new app has established itself as a game-changer in the already crowded and highly competitive social media landscape. In just the first few days of its existence, Threads has managed to carve out its own niche, challenging even its parent company, Facebook, for user attention and loyalty.

So, the big question… Should you be on Threads?

There are a few things to consider about Threads for your business –


1. Are you using Twitter? 

If so, the addition of Threads to your platform repertoire is a no-brainer. Threads is being touted as the “Twitter killer” after just one week, and it’s likely that most of Twitter’s current users will shift to the Threads platform in the next few months.

2. With each new Social Media platform there is an opportunity to build a massive brand name.

Mike Mandell, or @lawbymike, became a breakout superstar on TikTok wih 7.3M followers and 150M views.

Immigration Attorney Julio Oyhanarte, or @immigrationtv,  became an overnight Instagram sensation with millions of views of his videos about how to get a US Green Card and how to Apply for the Green Card Lottery.

This is a unique one-time opportunity. Get on Threads, make a ton of new ‘friends’ post a valuable Q&A every day answering questions your best prospects ask you all the time. Someone will be come the first well-known Threads lawyer, it might as well be you!

3. Do you have a strong strategy in mind? 

Many businesses are joining Threads and “seeing how it goes” without a content strategy in place.

Here are a few strategic approaches that might fit with your marketing:

  • Add Threads to your Cascading Content strategy and post – in Threads style – all of your website content and firm updates
  • Become the breakout Threads Attorney for your practice area

And one warning, or heads up….

There is no back button or delete feature on Threads that doesn’t impact your Instagram account at the same time. If you delete your account on Threads, you also delete your Instagram – and this could be devastating to a business that’s spent years growing a presence on that platform. So, unless you have a feel for the content you would be posting, and you’re sure you won’t change your mind about joining this app in the future, it may be beneficial to join the category of “watchful waiters” who let the early adopters work out the kinks before joining.

Still not sure if Threads is right for your business? No clue what content makes sense to post on this new platform?

At Ten Golden Rules, we pride ourselves on always being successful early adopters. Schedule a call with our team today and let us talk you through the pro’s and con’s of this new platform and determine what approach is best for your business.