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Oct 5th Big Breakfast


Ten Golden Rules CEO Jay Berkowitz will be presenting Digital Future 2000. The presentation helps business understand the opportunities of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, The Internet of Things & More.
The presentation will be at the Westin Hotel Cypress Creek in Fort Lauderdale on October 5th and is part of the BIG Breakfast series.
This presentation gives attendees a simple tutorial on the newest advances that will change the way we do business. You will learn several immediate applications for each technology and how it will impact different business segments.
This program is for anyone who wants to know what’s coming next, in a plain language translation for the non-technical executive.
In this program you will:
• Learn which current business models are at risk for disruption, disintermediation and possible extinction
• Understand the difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain and learn how each will impact business in the very near future
• Understand simple applications for Artificial Intelligence and which industries will be impacted
• What is ioT the “Internet of Things” and which businesses can tap into these new technologies
• How these technologies will impact business, marketing and product development
• Understand the core strategies to help identify and understand tech investment opportunities
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