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One Highlight to Google Enhanced Campaigns


When Google Enhanced Campaigns launched a couple of months ago, it received mixed reviews. The constraints of targeting tablet/desktop versus mobile are hard to swallow despite coming with a few bells and whistles that advertisers do indeed look forward to.

One highlight to Enhanced Campaigns is the upgraded ad extensions. Advertisers now have enrichments such as upgraded offer extensions, free phone call tracking, and more detailed reporting. You also have the flexibility to specify dates, days of week, or times of day for your sitelinks to appear.

The reporting upgrade really appeals to me. For instance, you can review data showing how an extension performs against other elements on an ad (e.g., other extensions or the headline) allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns even further. As a marketer, the more detailed statistics you can gain from your campaigns, the more intelligence you can apply to your optimization.

Do the Enhanced Campaigns’ upgrades outweigh the cons for you? Have you upgraded your campaigns yet? Please leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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Image credit: bfishadow