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One Week After LinkedIn Goes Public

May 27, 2011

The online social networking service, LinkedIn (LNKD) went public last week. In its initial public offering, the company set the price between $32- $35, and then increased it to $42 – $45 per share. The company raised $353 million in an IPO that valued it at $4.3 billion. That’s the largest valuation for a U.S. Internet company since Google went public in 2004.

After the opening bell, the stock more than doubled due to demand sending it to $105 per share. As of Thursday evening, the stock did drop off it’s week long ride and closed at $86.37 per share.

Some speculate we are coming close to another “Dot Com Bubble,” and there will be many more Internet companies with high valuations trying to go public off false expectations. Have we learned anything since 2001? Will we allow this bubble to happen again? If/When Facebook goes public, what will that IPO look like and where with that one day of trading bring those shares?