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Optimize Your Display Network Campaigns with New Tools & Reports


Google recently launched the Google Display Planner for Display Network campaigns. This tool provides suggestions based on the data you enter including impression and cookie estimates, age and gender reporting and historical cost-per-click (CPC) information.
Along with this rollout, two new reports will be available: Demographic Performance and Placement Performance. Now with more powerful insights, you have the ability to optimize your campaigns to be more relevant to your targeted audience. For example, the Demographic Performance report gives you performance data by gender and age including impression, click and conversion rates for each group.
Generally speaking, the Google Display Network doesn’t convert better than other campaigns such as Remarketing or Pay-Per-Click; however, it absolutely has the potential to be a worthwhile test to gauge its effectiveness for your business. Google continues to fine-tune the Display Network’s targeting features and inventory selection tools. By understanding the relationship this marketing channel has with various other marketing channels, you may discover it is a meaningful contributor to overall conversions by way of assist.
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Image credit: FindYourSearch