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Optimizing Your YouTube Presence


Whether you own a small business or you’re an individual, there is room for you on YouTube. There is usually a reason why you want to share your videos to not only the YouTube community, but to the entire internet. Whatever that reason may be, you need to make sure that you are optimizing every part of your YouTube presence, which starts at your YouTube channel profile.

It’s important to fill out the profile information fields that YouTube provides, as it relates to the company’s mission or message, as well as uploading an image thumbnail. This will help users understand what your company or brand is all about and what they can expect from your videos. It is also recommended to change the colors of your YouTube channel to keep in line with your company or brand.

Before you are ready to upload your video, you should have some keywords in mind to describe your video. Optimizing your YouTube video is just as important as optimizing content on your website. Add a descriptive title that includes keywords relevant to the video, along with your brand or company’s name. Also include text in the description that includes those keywords you have in mind. Lastly, include tags that include your description that includes the keywords you have in mind, as well as your company or brand’s name. You need to make sure that your video has these elements in order for the search engines to include your video.

There is a lot more to optimizing your YouTube presence, but this is just an overview!