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Our Gift to You: Find Your Local Rank


Do you know how much your local Google Maps presence helps you generate leads?

77% of respondents use Google Maps to find businesses “near me.” 

At Ten Golden Rules, we use innovative heatmaps to show you how you rank in Google Maps searches at your location and up to 10 and 20 miles away.

Local Search Grid is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that can tell you exactly where your business is ranking on a highly detailed map. Using the heatmaps in the grid, we can evaluate Google Search Results across a very specific geographical area to help our clients understand their business’s level of local visibility.

Instead of evaluating your search results based on a search you do in your office, the grid helps you understand how you perform in the whole city and how your map results rank versus your competitors. 

The value of knowing your business’s real-world grid of local search will help you understand how you rank against your local competition. 

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