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Our latest website design – beautiful brand building website

Olivia Bibbee

Our latest website launch is a Personal Injury firm servicing New Mexico and Texas, Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway. You can take a look at the website here.

This website was designed with the client in mind, portraying their extensive history and massive case victories. We combine targeted content with engaging and interactive visual elements for maximum conversion.

Here are a few of the strategies we used to turn this website into the ultimate lead generator: 


  • Optimized Content: 

This website’s home page provides a wealth of knowledge and informative content to help clients understand their options. From informational blurbs throughout the scroll to a dedicated area featuring the firm’s latest blog posts, this content not only informs but also establishes the firm’s authority in their practice areas.

  • Focus on Conversion:

All legal websites should direct prospects to contact the firm for a consultation. And this website uses best design conventions featuring the phone number in the top right, and couple consultation calls-to-action and the Live Chat functionality. 

  • Showcasing Real Results: 

A standout feature on the home page is the Client Payouts Showcase. With a $485 Million dollar result and several multi-million dollar verdicts this interactive section highlights the significant compensation amounts that clients have received. It serves as a powerful testament to the firm’s ability to secure favorable outcomes and substantial awards for their clients.

  • Visual Elements: 

From compelling layouts to eye-catching graphics, our website uses visual storytelling to engage visitors, making complex legal information more accessible and understandable.


Here are some of the important questions to ask during a website redesign:

  • Does your website reflect your core brand message?
  • Is it built to convert?
  • Is it optimized to rank for key local search terms?
  • Do you have an ongoing, proactive strategy for enhancing online authority?

If not, we should talk.

We specialize in working with law firms just like yours and would love to help you drive more calls, leads, and revenue by getting your internet marketing right. You can call me at 561-620-9121 or click here to schedule a free website review.


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