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Our Recommended Reading list featured in The Wall Street Journal

September 24, 2007

We were flattered today to have been selected by the Wall Street Journal for their recommended reading list.

Please comment on this post and add to the list! What else should marketers be reading?

Journalist Keith Huang did an amazing job sorting through over 60 books, websites, blogs and podcasts that we recommended. Here is a list of some of the references we love that didn’t make the editor’s cut.

We love Podcasts, weekly radio style recordings you can listen to when you have the time:

6 Pixels of Separation
, Mitch Joel, with his incredibly involved audio community, is warm and engaging as he covers the latest new media and connectivity tools

For Immediate Release Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson cover new marketing from the public relations perspective.

Video Podcasts from the Web 2.0 Summit feature major industry leaders at Tim O’Reilly’s major industry event. has a range of great shows covering the latest marketing topics.


Scobilizer Robert Scoble ex-Microsoft video blogger covers the latest tech tools and trends in interviews with the movers and shakers of silicon valley

6 Pixels of Separation
, Mitch Joel covers additional content in his blog


Click Z has a range of internet marketing topics including search email and emerging trends.

Micro Blogging

The latest flavor in social media is Twitter . I describe it as Instant Messaging on Steroids, many call it micro blogging. When you register to follow someone on Twitter, you see every ‘tweet’ they post, a short message limited to 140 characters. I am following some of the leaders in internet media and business tweets such as CNN Breaking News, this is an incredible new way to get new news fast. Two competitors are Pownce and Jaiku