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Our webinar with Audri Lanford visits productivity secrets for Internet marketers


Many Internet marketers are very frustrated that they never seem to have enough time to accomplish and achieve what they want… How do you get unstuck, reclaim your time and get more done — without working harder or more hours? Fortunately, Audri Lanford, the co-founder at,has the secrets, and she’s willing to let you know! This webinar will teach you productivity secrets from some extraordinary people and millionaires as they are applied to Internet marketing, so there’s no reason to fear the seemingly shortened 24-hour day ever again.

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About Audri G. Lanford, Ph.D.:

Audri has been a pioneer in the fields of going paperless, productivity and digital marketing, and has built more than a dozen entrepreneurial businesses, including an Inc. 500 company that helped Fortune 500 companies (like Procter & Gamble,Dupont and Johnson & Johnson) save millions of dollars by increasing productivity and going paperless.

Our focus:
We help entrepreneurs overcome their biggest obstacles and frustrations by boosting productivity and going paperless the right way so they can achieve their big dreams, earn more money and make a significant impact in world.

If you’re an Internet marketer who’s frustrated that you’re not getting nearly enough done, you’re up to your eyeballs in clutter or you’re overwhelmed by information overload, we can help.

We’ve launched at in 2012. (When you subscribe free to our free e-course and newsletter you’ll get our free training series which begins with an Action Plan that shows you how you can have your clutter gone in 1 hour. It has a lot of entertaining cartoons by an award-winning cartoonist to make it fun.)

My husband Jim and I created our first website in 1994 – – a public service offering useful,practical, and trustworthy information on Internet scams. We now have over 100 websites.

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