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Pay-Per-Click Tip: Getting the most out of your ad space


Pay-per-click for search is some of the most targeted online advertising available. The problem with advertising on a search network, such as Google, is getting your message across in a very limited space. Pay-per-click ads, when served on search engine results pages, usually only provide you with 25 characters of headline space and about 70 characters of ad copy space.

Advertisers always want to get their entire sales pitch out there, and could not imagine fitting it in such a small space. Forget about sales pitches and view the ad not as a selling stage, but as a pre-qualifier for your sales funnel. Sell the visitor on the landing page, not in the ad. By pre-qualifying visitors, those who do click on your ad will be more likely to complete an action on your site. This will reduce your acquisition cost.

The golden question then becomes, “How do I effectively use the ad space?” Well, you should try to include the following items in your ads:

· A value proposition (i.e. “Free Consultation” or “Save 25%”)

· An endorsement from a third party (i.e. “A+ Rating in Better Business Bureau”)

· A call to action (i.e. “Sign Up” or “Buy Now”)

Once you get the type of visitor you are looking for from the ads, you can give them a detailed sales pitch on the landing page.

Another way to fit important information in your ad is to use symbols and abbreviations. For example, using the “&” instead of the word “and” saves you two characters.