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People often ask me ‘What is a Blog’?


What are blogs? The term is short for web-log, and the original blogs were online journals and web reports such as live updates from journalists embedded with the military.

A blog is just a really simple website. The charm of a blog is that if you can send email you can blog. All you do is log-in, type a title and a short article (called a blog post) and push ‘Publish’ and your blog automatically adds the new blog post at the top of the page and pushes the older blog posts lower down the page.

Blogs have 3 main business benefits.
1. The search engines love blogs. Lots of words, frequently updates and bloggers often link to each other. Words+Links=Search Engine Success.

2. People subscribe to blogs to get an electronic notification every time you update the blog. The updates come to a cell phone or your computer through RSS feeds (a technical sounding term, but this is just a tool to facilitate blog subscriptions called Really Simple Syndication).
3. Blogs are more conversational than websites, you can allow a bit of personality to shine through a company blog or a CEO blog.

To see a few of my favorite marketing blogs, please have a look at our list of the Top 10 Internet Marketing Blogs on the website.

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