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Personalized Google Pay Per Click Ads

November 24, 2011

While using Google search, have you noticed the link, “Why these ads?”

Upon clicking this link, Google advises that the ads are based on your current search terms. You also have the option to visit Google’s Ads Preferences Manager to learn more or opt-out.

The “learn more” section goes on to explain, “Google tries to show you the most relevant ads, whether or not you’re opted in to seeing personalized ads. While we often match ads with specific pages (based on the page content or the search terms you enter), additional information helps us to personalize your ads.”

You also have the option to block specific advertisers’ ads if you don’t find them useful.

Personalized Ads Statistics

Fewer ads: Those who are opted-in see 19% fewer ads than opted-out users.
More relevant: Opted-in users are 59% more likely to click on ads than opted-out users.

Do you find yourself more inclined to utilize personalized ads due to the relevancy?