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Pinterest + Copyright = Pinfringement?


There’s been so much hype about Pinterest lately that some of the low grumblings about the possibility of copyright infringement have not been heard. MarketingProfs posted a good article recently about why companies shouldn’t sue for copyright infringement – it’s free publicity, right?
In the same article, they point out that Pinterest’s Terms of Service places any copyright blame squarely on the shoulders of the pinners, cleverly calling it a possible “pinfringement.” The work in question has to be registered with the US Copyright Office in order for a lawsuit to be brought against someone, but how do you know if something is copyrighted or not? It’s a thin line.
As a marketer, CEO or business owner, it’s great if you can accept people posting and re-posting your works, copyrighted or not, as an opportunity to reach more fans. The MarketingProfsarticle even suggests watermarking your works before posting them to ensure you get proper credit. But what if you’re that person or business who gets singled out for violating a copyright on Pinterest?
Is the possibility of copyright infringement going to stop you from using Pinterest, either as an individual or as a company? Sound off in the comments below.