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Popping on Pinterest and Facebook

June 28, 2012

Want to make your posts pop and get attention from your fans and followers? Do it with an image. Here are some marketing strategies for your images on Facebook and Pinterest.


  • post images with motivational or inspirational text on them
  • post humorous images and memes relating to your industry
  • post brightly colored images that grab attention easily
  • post a question with your image to make it more “sticky” and encourage comments
  • post multiple images at once in an album to attract more curiosity to the images that can’t be seen without clicking


  •   post longer images; they get more attention
  • use photos that pop, even when they’re small
  • make captions when you have something interesting and relevant to say about the photo
  • infographics get a lot of attention, so consider creating one to get more attention on Pinterest
  • link all of your images to a relevant page on your website

What have your most successful shared social media images been thus far? Do you have any top tips for images on Facebook and Pinterest to grab your audience’s attention?

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