Social Media

By the numbers: 47% of Americans say Facebook is their number one influencer of purchases. 81% of consumers are influenced by their friends’ posts on social media when purchasing.” – Adweek: Social Media Business Statistics, 2015


Social Media can be used to drive traffic and increase brand awareness and is often a critical method of increasing traffic and getting exposure. If you’re not using social media to promote yourself, your idea or your brand you are leaving money on the table. Businesses must integrate social media into their marketing plans, it will be expected by customers and will hinder results if they don’t.

But unfortunately it is very easy to spend a lot of time and money on social media without getting a single serious lead. Whether they admit it or not, this is the experience of most business. They may brag about 100,000 followers on facebook, but they have not gotten one sale, or even worse, are not measuring anything and therefore have no idea if any of the effort is paying off.

The key is doing it right and keeping up with the changes in this fast-moving arena. Social media channels have to be selected and employed in ways that make sense and they have to be used with a goal in mind.

This is the reason a digital marketing agency is so crucial. TEN GOLDEN RULES understands how to use the tools effectively, and will develop a social media strategy for you that is measurable, manageable, and low risk. Working with us will save you money by getting the efforts in the right direction.