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Powerful Search Engine Optimization Guru can Read Your Mind!

February 9, 2008

I can read your mind!

Well not exactly your individual mind, but using powerful Search Engine Optimization tools such as Wordtracker and Trellian’s Keyword Discovery, I can tell how often keyword phrases are searched in a 24 hour period.

We use this powerful mind bending technique to add the words that people search most frequently to our websites to attract search engine searches. We recommend the following best practices:

1. Do keyword research to find out which phrases that are relevant to your business are searched most frequently and have the least online competition.
2. Select three keyword phrases per page
3. Add each phrase to the title of the page and use it in the words on the page two to three times
4. Add the keyword phrases to the tags on your page, most important are the title tag and the alt tags/image descriptions.

In this chart below, we have researched phrases someone might use to search for a firm like Ten Golden Rules. Circled are similar phrases that describe search engine optimization and we find this term is searched much more frequently than ‘seo’ or ‘search engine marketing’.

By reading the minds of consumers we can target which phrases to add to our site and drive more traffic to these websites.