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PPC Ads & Business on Facebook: A Facebook Change You May Have Missed


Update Your Writing & Management of PPC Ads for Facebook
With all the excitement over Facebook’s big announcements back on February 29th regarding Pages switching to the timeline layout, there is one change to business on Facebook you may have missed. As of March 1st, 2012, Facebook’s PPC ad character limits changed. The “body” section of the ads now only allows 90 characters, rather than 135 for all new ads.
This was a major change to Facebook PPC ads considering the 33% reduction in ad copy. We’ve always appreciated the ability to run longer ads in Facebook, relative to Google PPC and others. However, when we’ve tested shorter and longer ad copy with the same image, we’ve also found that shorter ads often perform better – perhaps because they stand out from the others and seem more “digestible” to the eye. But, even though our testing has shown shorter ads work, we still miss the ability to test the longer creative during management of PPC ads.
On May 15th, all previously grandfathered ads stopped running. Now, all ads you wish to run for your business on Facebook feature only 90 characters in the body section.