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PPC Keyword Research Evolving

August 9, 2010

Google updated their keyword research tool to enhance previous features and add some new ones based on customer feedback. Some of the new features include greater flexibility in search options, simplified refinement of keywords, avoiding duplicate keywords, and ability to add negative keywords.

Greater Flexibility in Search Options
With the enhancements to search options, you now have the ability to combine keyword, website, and category queries and receive a single set of keyword results. Previously, you were only able to do your search one way at a time.

Simplified Refinement of Keywords
You now have the ability to filter your keyword results by both word and/or match type (i.e. broad match, phrase match, exact match). This will require you to do less manual filtering than with older versions of the tool.

Avoiding Duplicate Keywords
Now, when you are logged into your Adwords account, you will be aware of what keywords returned in your query are already being bid on. This will save you time on reviewing your results since you won’t have to scroll through keywords you are already bidding on.

Adding Negative Keywords

Google’s keyword tool was always a great way to identify negative keywords. With the new upgrades, however, you can add negative keywords to an ad group or campaign right from the keyword tool interface by clicking a button. Previously, you would have to take note of possible negative keywords and return to the campaign interface to add negative keywords.