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Press Release distibution

November 15, 2007

Now that you have written your press release that is optimized for those key phrases it’s time to decide where and how you want your release to be sent out to the public. There are several wire services offering great SEO capabilities and could confuse you. I wanted to share the services that we use, and have great success with.

These services distribute your news to the search engines including Google News, Yahoo News, and MSN along with several others. Also, you want your release going to the editors at all the news outlets hoping that they will print or air your story showcasing you in the best light.

Here is a list of my top 10 distribution services that we continually use. Some of these services offer free distribution and also help with your link building efforts.

Business Wire – One of the leaders in commercial distribution for privately held and publically traded companies. Different pricing structure and different distribution options allows you to target specific media by location and trades.

PR Newswire – Another leader in commercial distribution, pricing higher than other distribution services.

PRWeb – Great for distribution at lowest rates, could be compared to commercial distributors and offers some of the same great features for SEO. Doesn’t have full editing department.

Marketwire – Becoming a top contender for distribution services. Could get pricey for several add on features. – Not just a site to distribute your news releases, allows you to promote all things business such as, products, services, and job postings.

PR Leap – Starting at just $10, you can have your release posted to the search engines and rss feeds along with Digg, Delicious, and Technorati.

i-Newswire – For $25 per release, you are able to increase your web traffic and increase your link popularity. – Affordability is great for small to mid size company’s trying to reach journalists and improve visibility on search engines.

PRZoom – Prices range from $99 – $399 and is distributed to major search engines and has an RSS feed.

ClickPress – All submissions are free and remain searchable in the archives indefinitely. Part of pressventures, they offer several free tools and media services.