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Promoted Tweets Based on Real-Time Signals


This week, Twitter rolled out their latest ad platform feature – keyword targeting in timelines. Advertisers can now target Promoted Tweets to users based on keywords in their latest Tweets and the Tweets they recently engaged with. The good news is that this enhancement does not result in more frequently displayed Promoted Tweets, so it’s not intrusive to users.

Targeting users based on real-time context signals affords the ability to show more relevant ads. Further targeting is offered based on options such as geographic location, device and gender, with options to use keywords as either phrase match or unordered keyword match.

While testing this ad option, it’s important to monitor and gauge the sentiment of your Promoted Tweets campaigns to optimize its effectiveness.

How do you think your business could leverage these types of ads? Please leave your thoughts below in 140 characters. : )

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Image credit: MDGovpics