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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting an SEO Campaign

October 19, 2007

Time and time again, I’ve read suggestions from SEO gurus on what to ask your perspective search engine marketing agency. However, it’s rare that the experts talk about what questions clients should be answering when starting an SEO campaign. So today, I’m going to tell you how to make your agency’s life a little easier. Here’s what you should be asking yourself.

What are your top keyword phrases that best describe what you do/sell?
What would people type in to Google to find your product or service. Make sure they’re at least 2 or 3 keyword phrases.

Who are your top competitors?
Define the sites in your industry you’d like to model yourself after.

What areas do you specialize in, and makes your business/product/service unique?
Find that “special sauce” that makes your stand above your competitors. It will help your agency focus on your strengths.

Are there any areas/products/services that you do not want your SEO specialist to focus on?
SEOs know how to get you top ranked in the search engines but they probably don’t know your company inside and out. You need to clearly define what you do and DO NOT do.