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Unleash ChatGPT and Ai for Your Law Firm!

Olivia Bibbee

Curious how the experts are using ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) in their law firms?

We were, too. So, we invited an All-Star panel to share their insights! 

In our Livestream Event on May 17th at 1PM EST, our guests learned about the many benefits of using ChatGPT and Ai to do legal work, do research and streamline your operations.

Panelists included: 

  • Tom Martin, attorney and Founder of Law Droid, an Ai company that does legal work for you
  • Carolyn Elefant, an attorney and Ai educator who teaches law firms how to use this cutting-edge technology
  • Dennis Yu, a former Yahoo! search engineer and tech expert 
  • Jay Berkowitz, founder of Ten Golden Rules and Author of the new book ChatGPT & Ai for Law Firms

In this Livestream Workshop, guests discovered ways that Ai and ChatGPT can benefit their law firms, including: 

  • How to use Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to create summary briefs from Case Law
  • How to use Ai and ChatGPT to do daily legal work 
  • How ChatGPT can improve website conversion and client communication 
  • Learn how to use Ai to perform e-discovery 
  • Hear from the experts how legal professionals are using Ai in their practices  

Watch the recorded Livestream Event here: