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Reputation Management as an Individual…Have You Ever “Googled” Yourself?

May 20, 2009

I’m sure at one point in time you might have “Googled” your name and saw results that were either yours or someone else (who may have the same name as you). For myself, my name seems to be common enough that I share it with other people. If you have “Googled” yourself, are you happy with the results? Some people are not aware that people do Google other people’s names, especially if they want more background information about them.

For some people, their own individual online reputation may be important if you own your own business, or you’re looking for a new job. Keep in mind that once your name is attached to something that is negative can stay on the internet for a very long time, but there is a way to get those results off the first and second page of Google. It’s called reputation management.

It is definitely a process that requires a very strategic approach, and there are internet marketing consultants who help companies and even individuals manage and improve their reputation online.

Go ahead and Google your name and see if you’d want the results to come up for your name if someone was to find more information about you.