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Reputation Scores for Twitter Users


Mashable recently posted a really interesting article about reputation scores on Twitter. This post states, Federated Media’s John Battelle posed the question to Evan Williams, how does Twitter determine who to suggest in the Who to Follow section? And according to Williams, Twitter calculates a reputation score for every user which the company uses internally and that it may become part of Twitter’s public-facing features at some point.

So this makes you think – how can you improve your brand’s clout on Twitter? Although we do not know the algorithm behind Twitter’s reputation scores, one thing is definite; your reputation on Twitter will undoubtedly improve if you provide value to the community. Don’t just use your Twitter stream as a one-way broadcast. Engage with your followers, provide them with value that is RT worthy and throw in a few laughs for them every once in a while.

How do you believe Facebook differs in assessing your influence?

Image credit: 7son75