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Scribd: A Hub for Written Content


San Francisco based Scribd first launched in 2007, and is now preparing to further ramp up their product development as they have just closed a round of funding with investors. Scribd functions as a hub for written content where you can upload, organize, embed, and distribute work on mobile devices and the web.

Scribd explains, “Now, anyone can instantly upload and transform any file — including PDF, Word and PowerPoint — into a web document that’s discoverable through search engines, shared on social networks and read on billions of mobile devices.” With over 60 million readers every month and millions of readcasts every month, are you taking advantage of the site? By uploading business presentations, articles, books etc you have the potential to put your brand in front of millions of site visitors.

With this new round of funding, Scribd plans to focus on expanding their mobile reach. Sulu Mamdani, SVB Capital Managing Director, also said, “Smartphones are the next computer for billions of consumers, and Scribd’s aggressive expansion plans in the mobile space could bring social reading into the hands of every one of those users.”

So, it sounds like Scribd is definitely worth testing for your business. It has a focus on SEO and affords you the ability to reach their many site visitors. Have you found value for your business with the site?