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SF Business Journal: Ten Golden Rules converts Web traffic into sales


Marketing group converts Web traffic into sales.
South Florida Business Journal
by Ed Duggan
Jay Berkowitz calls his Boca Raton-based marketing company – Ten Golden Rules – a white hat shop, even though it doesn’t sell hats.
He thinks of his company as being like the white hat-wearing heroes – John Wayne, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers – riding to the rescue of those who need advertising, branding and marketing help (but without the six-shooters).
Berkowitz’s analogy references the good guys in the old-time Saturday morning westerns – but he and his staff of eight say they live and breathe it for real every day. To them, it means leads and sales that can be counted, measured, analyzed and predicted on the basis of marketing art and science that they call contextual advertising – targeting advertising to chosen content.

Account executive Michael Gustman and CEO Jay Berkowitz produce Ten Golden Rules’ Newsletter.

Account executive Michael Gustman and CEO Jay Berkowitz produce Ten Golden Rules’ Newsletter.

“We’re not in business for a fast hit or the quick fix, but rather for long-term results,” Berkowitz said. “And our clients tend to stay with us for 18 to 24 months – until the job is profitable, well done and has profitable momentum.”
His eight employees – and a bevy of freelancers – design and write copy, particularly for the left-hand side of the Internet search engines’ pages. That’s the free hit side. The firm also specializes in the right-hand side – the pay-for-play or pay-per-click side.
Clients are usually on a monthly retainer that averages either $7,500 or on a reduced retainer of $3,000 to $5,000 a month with a measured performance bonus based on a base line increase in leads.
“We analyze Web traffic and convert it to effective actions,” Berkowitz said.
‘Where the action is’
The firm uses a variety of free and paid analytical tools, which it has modified over time.
“Clients have learned when they do Internet advertising on their own, they can pay $2,000 in pay-per-click fees to earn $800 in sales,” said Margie Schneider, the company’s VP of operations.
Shepard Doniger, CEO of Delray Beach-based Black Dog Communications Group, calls Ten Golden Rules a perpetual motion machine of great marketing ideas, and he frequently refers clients to the firm.