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Shazam It! Consumers Get a Deeper Content and Sharing Experience with Music, Ads and TV Shows

April 4, 2012

Have you ever heard a song you like, but you just can’t remember the name of the band? Or maybe it’s a new song that you immediately fall in love with and you just have to know who sings it immediately. Shazam! Now you can.

In my opinion, Shazam is one of the coolest – and most underrated – apps available. If you have never used or heard of Shazam, it is an app for your iPhone, iPod or other mobile device that can identify almost any song in just seconds. It’s perfect for those “senior moments” or new songs that grab your attention. A couple of years ago, they quietly introduced Shazam for TV advertising as well –a brilliant use of the app as a second screen for content and calls to action. According to Adweek, Shazam powered up to a third of the ads during the 2012 Superbowl.
This week, Shazam released its fifth iteration, Shazam 5.0, which is faster than the older version and includes a richer user experience, including an updated interface and sharing capabilities with Twitter and Facebook. Check out their video via Mashable. It looks and sounds like the company is beefing up the app in order to beef up its advertiser roster and increase revenues in return.
You don’t really hear people talking about Shazam like they do about Pinterest. Do you think their new and improved app with sharing buttons will raise the buzz level? Have you or would you ever Shazam a commercial on TV?